What to Expect When Ordering Live Maine Lobster

live maine lobster

Wild-caught, sustainably and responsibly harvested, live Maine lobster is a delicacy coveted worldwide. The irony is that no dish is more synonymous with the Pine Tree State than lobster is not lost on Mainers. Maine’s lobster industry is one of the world’s best-managed and sustainable fisheries. The frigid, pristine waters of the Gulf of Maine produce rich and tender lobster. But what drives the demand and popularity of Maine lobster is its sweet, salty, and succulent taste. Its flavor is truly delicious, unique, and second to none. 

How is it possible that, from the catch and haul at sea to your doorstep, anyone can have live Maine lobster delivered within 24 hours? We explain what to expect below!

The Process of Catching and Transporting Live Lobster From Maine

But for some modern equipment, catching lobsters is done the same way as when commercial lobster fishing first started in the mid-1800s. Most fishing, 80-90% of landings, is done inshore with baited traps or pots. Traps are dropped or “set” from the boat with a trap line attached to a buoy to mark its location. The traps are pulled after two or three days using a hydraulic trap hauler, i.e., an automated pulley (see: modern equipment). Traps are then emptied, lobsters are sorted by legal size, and the traps are baited and set once again. Lobsters too big, too small, or v-notched are returned to the water. Legal size is stored in vessel holding tanks, where they are readied for the journey from the ocean to your door.  

Upon landing, lobster is purchased directly from the lobstermen and women on the docks. Every lobster is hand-selected not only to ensure its freshness but to ensure its quality. Lobsters are then placed in holding tanks filled with fresh ocean water. From there, it’s possible to ship live Maine lobster and prepared lobster tails, claws, and meat to customers anywhere in the world. Using non-toxic gel packs, our industry-leading packaging and humane shipping practices ensure the integrity of each shipment we make. We ship 24-hour express via fed-ex and UPS directly to your door. Live lobster can also be shipped FOB as air cargo out of Boston’s Logan International Airport.

Different Ways to Prepare Lobster 

Once delivered, your fresh, live lobster is ready for preparation. If images of freshly steamed lobster swimming in melted butter dance in your head, you’re not alone, but there is more than one way to prepare fresh Maine for your dining pleasure. Boiling and steaming are the traditional cooking methods, but lobster can be baked or grilled, or prepped for chowders, bisque, and several other dishes like tasty Maine-style lobster rolls.

How to Enjoy Live Maine Lobster to Its Fullest

Whether a party, get-together, holiday, or a lazy Sunday afternoon, you can enjoy live Maine lobster anytime. Planning an old-fashioned Maine home lobster bake is easy enough. You can impress your friends and family with lobster appetizers for the big game or any event – Maine lobster and beer pair like a hand in a glove, as lobster’s sweet and briny taste makes beer the perfect beverage for any lobster dish. Are you planning a holiday party or a classic Christmas Eve fare for family and friends? Find out how to order fresh lobster and other Maine seafood during the holidays. Check out our holiday seafood guide for inspiration if you are wondering what to order.  

What to Expect When You Receive Live Lobster From Maine 

From Maine’s cold waters to our docks to your table, you can enjoy the experience of eating fresh, live Maine lobster anytime. You can’t have fresher lobster unless you visit Maine and catch it yourself!  

At Klenda, our formula for success is simple: trap—ship—eat. We procure the highest-quality Maine lobster at the dock, readied for shipping straight to our customers. Order live lobster online and expect lobsters to arrive alive and ready for cooking directly to your door within 24 hours. We also offer curbside pick-up at our South Portland location if you live locally – call for details and to place your order over the phone! Ordering fresh, live lobster is but one click away!