Fresh Seafood Delivery for the Holidays

fresh seafood delivery

Whether planning a holiday party or preparing a classic Christmas Eve fare for family and friends, fresh seafood delivery during the holidays is easier than you think. With so many benefits and different kinds of seafood available, this year, when planning your menu, skip the long lines at the grocery store and order your fresh seafood for delivery online with a click of a button. 

Benefits of Fresh Seafood Delivery for the Holidays

Fresh seafood delivery for the holidays has many benefits, perhaps none other than its convenience. With so much going on and endless preparations, ordering seafood is a click away. Going food shopping at the grocery store is time-consuming—driving through busy holiday traffic, finding a parking spot, competing with other shoppers, and hoping what you want is in stock—can take hours. 

It’s also important to note that at Klenda, when placing an order for delivery, you’re ordering fresh, locally sourced seafood right off the boat. Keep in mind that the “fresh” seafood delivered to supermarkets has arrived via a supply chain that has likely taken several days or even a week for the product to reach consumers. Because the seafood you order for delivery at Klenda is fresh, hand-selected, and bought from local fishermen, extra care has been taken to ensure that you receive the best quality seafood possible.

Different Types of Seafood Available for Delivery

Seafood is available online and guaranteed fresh. Live lobster, along with a wide variety of shellfish and freshly caught fish, can be shipped anywhere overnight and delivered to your door. You can also shop for a selection of prepared lobster tails, hand-picked lobster meat—fresh or frozen, and lobster dinner kits and meals like lobster rolls and lobster mac & cheese. Shellfish, such as clams, scallops, shrimp, oysters, and mussels are available for orders over the holidays. There is also fresh haddock, salmon, tuna, and other fin fish—wild-caught or sustainably farmed—of the highest quality available.

The Best Time to Order Seafood for Delivery

This year, with the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays extending over the weekend, it’s important to plan what you will need now and order ahead accordingly. As a rule, live lobsters can only be shipped Monday through Friday. In general, live lobster, lobster meat, shellfish, and fish fillets may be ordered any day before 5pm for overnight delivery. 

That said, planning orders for the types of seafood you want is the best way to avoid delivery delays. Once we have fulfilled your order, unplanned disruptions or delays in delivery service due to weather and other circumstances are beyond our control. We advise our customers to order early and select delivery dates when possible. When placing an online order for live lobster, you can place an order now and choose the delivery date during checkout.

How to Prepare Seafood for the Holidays

Having seafood on the menu over the holiday season is a tradition wherever Christmas is observed and celebrated. From hearty seafood chowders, shrimp bowls and oyster plates to lobster, haddock, and scallops, no holiday party or family gathering at Christmastime or New Year’s is complete without seafood fare on the menu. Whether you want to mix it up this year or need a little direction, our handy holiday seafood guide will get you there!

Having fresh seafood this holiday is as easy as placing an order and selecting a delivery date. With fresh seafood delivery, you are guaranteed to get everything you need for your Christmas fare or holiday party, with less stress and the peace of mind that your order will arrive at your door as planned. 

For the highest quality fresh lobster from Maine, look no further than Klenda Seafood – we deliver lobster directly to your door! We also offer curbside pick-up at our South Portland location if you live locally – call for details and to place your order over the phone.