The Holiday Seafood Guide

creamed spinach and salmon

Preparing holiday seafood dishes is firmly rooted in old-world traditions—long-standing ones carried forward to the new world. In part, the practice of holiday seafood dishes relates to religious observances of abstaining from meat on holy days. Still, there’s also a practical side to enjoying seafood around the holidays: seafood was and is an abundant resource in both the old and new worlds.

In Maine, seafood is a part of the tradition as it is a livelihood. Eating seafood chowder is a long-held tradition for Mainers, especially over Christmastime. In fact, throughout New England, no Christmas dinner is complete without seafood chowder on the menu, and, in many households, from shrimp bowls and oyster plates to grilled lobster, seafood dishes are common fare.

6 Holiday Seafood Recipes to Help Start Your Tradition

  1. Maine Shrimp and Scallops
    Wild-caught Atlantic Sea Scallops are an excellent seafood stew choice known for their firm texture and sweet flavor. The key to a successful stew is to use the highest quality, fresh seafood. Try Martha Greenlaw’s Maine Shrimp and Scallop Stew.
  2. Maine Crab Meat
    Fresh, sweet Maine crab meat is ideal for making classic hors d’oeuvres like crab cakes. Try this simple recipe from The Ellsworth American.
  3. Maine Lobster Meat
    Sustainable, wild-caught lobsters, responsibly harvested by independent lobster fishers from the Gulf of Maine, are guaranteed fresh. Maine has one of the best-managed and maintained fisheries in the world. Try something special this season by mimicking the infamous Eventide Oyster’s brown butter lobster roll.
  4. Whole Live Lobsters
    Sure, you can steam your live lobsters or try something just as simple but unexpected. Though summer is, without a doubt, grilling season in Maine, grilled lobsters can be served year-round. The sweet, smoky BBQ flavor of tender lobster meat is for the making anytime, and the holidays are no exception. Check out our post, How to Grill a Whole Live Lobster, for the details.
  5. Cooking a Whole Fish
    Whether on the grill or in the oven, roasted whole fish is another option for one of your Christmas or Holiday seafood dishes. There is a wide variety of fish in the seafood markets in Maine to choose from. Here’s a recipe for roasted whole fish to keep you smiling into the New Year.
  6. Fin Fish
    As mentioned above, nothing is more classic than fish chowder for the New England holiday table. For the best fish chowder, choose prime fillets, fresh wild-caught haddock, or cod from the Gulf of Maine or off Nova Scotia’s coast. Prepare the chowder a day or two before for a more robust flavor.

Shipping Information for the 2020 Holiday Season

We want to ensure you get your Maine seafood on time for your special dishes!


Shipping Live Lobsters

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Live lobster and Lobster meat may be ordered any day before cutoffs to be shipped the same day. No advance lead time is necessary.

Cut-off time is 5 pm, and we are closed at noon on Christmas Eve and closed on Christmas Day.

Local or Curbside Pick-Up

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