Maine Lobster and Maine Beer: What Grows Together, Goes Together

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Maine is well known for its lobsters and the foodie scene, but breweries have grown rapidly over the past decade. Enough that for some, wondering what beer goes with lobster as part of the fun of planning a trip to a local Maine brewery to pick up a growler for your lobster feast.

When pairing Maine lobster with Maine beer, there’s as much versatility as there are flavor choices. It’s no wonder that the two pair well and form a very tightly-knit community. Lobster’s naturally sweet, briny taste makes beer the perfect beverage for lobster dishes.

However you prepare your lobster, whether you boil it, broil it, pan sear it, grill it, fry it, and so forth, you should parboil for at least five to seven minutes. When boiling or parboiling your lobster, ensure that the water is as salty as the sea from whence the lobster came. Heavily salting the pot is the best method of seasoning. Heavy salting brings out the natural brininess of the lobster, which in turn enhances one’s thirst and desire for beer. 

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Maine Lobster and Maine Beer Pairing Guide

If you are hungry for lobster and thirsty for a delicious brew, here are 5 Maine lobster dishes that go well with 5 Maine beers:

Wheat Beer & Lobster Classics

Many beer aficionados find wheat beers a perfect match to enhance a lobster dinner. Portland’s Allagash Brewing Company offers Allagash white, a traditional hazy Belgian-style witbier, i.e., wheat beer, that pairs exceptionally well with lobster. Citrus and coriander notes combined with the wheat flavor of boiled or steamed lobster dipped in butter or even buttery rolls. For those who like freshly squeezed lemon over their lobster, before you squeeze, taste your brew. Wheat beers are known for their citrus notes.

Lager & Lobster Reimagined

A crisp lager is also an excellent choice with lobster dishes. A good lager will refresh the palate without affecting the sweet taste of lobster meat. Baxter Brewing in Lewiston offers one of the finest lagers in Maine. Its Staycation Land Lager is a clean, full-flavored, refreshing lager. For those suffering from the palate fatigue of overly hopped beers, a lobster grilled cheese sandwich on sourdough with your favorite sauce is the perfect pairing.

IPA & Grilled Lobster

India Pale Ale, aka IPA, is another beer that goes well with lobster, particularly if you’re dipping the meat in melted butter. The bitterness in the hops compliments a buttery lobster meal very well. If you want to spice things up, make lobster tacos by adding a hint of cayenne pepper or smoked paprika. You don’t need to go overboard with the spice to experience the sweet and spicy flavor. For one of the best IPAs in Maine, look no further than Sebago Brewing Company Frye’s Leap IPA.

Maine Beer Company in Freeport has one of the best-tasting and highest-ranked American pale ales on beer advocate. American Pale Ale offers a very subtle malt sweetness for balance but satisfies with a dry finish. Its golden, slightly hazy color, distinct fluffy white head, and flora aroma is perfect with grilled lobster tails.

  • To prepare: melt ½ cup of unsalted butter, 4 sizeable smashed garlic cloves, and ½ teaspoon of salt and pepper in a saucepan.
  • Add a ¼ cup of the pale ale—baste the lobster tails freely and liberally as they grill to perfection.

Saisons & Lobster Comfort Foods

A Saison is another Belgium beer that pairs well with lobster. Also referred to as a farmhouse ale, Saisons are versatile. They can be brewed light or dark, dry or tart, and malty or over-the-top hopped. For certain, they go well with lobster mac and cheese dishes, especially the ones prepared with Italian cheeses. In the spirit of Saison’s diverse brewing methods, Bissell Brothers Brewery of Milo (and Portland) offers a variety. Start with the Group Therapy, aged in oak barrels and made with a blend of malts. It will bring out the best in your lobster mac and cheese.

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Maine craft beers and Maine lobsters make an excellent pair, no matter when—plenty of Maine lobster recipes to try and more than enough tasty Maine craft brews. Whatever way you prepare your lobster, be sure to let the naturally sweet flavor of lobster shine and always serve the beer of choice ice cold.

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