Where to Get the Best Fresh Picked Maine Lobster Meat

fresh lobster meat

At Klenda Seafood, fresh lobster meat is harvested right off the coast, directly from the Gulf of Maine. Our Maine lobster is hand-picked to ensure more high-quality lobster meat per pound. Our meat is cooked to perfection daily to maintain its freshness, texture, and sweet flavor unique to Maine lobster.

Chefs and wholesalers have come to depend on us to supply some of the finest, most delicious fresh lobster meat for their customers. We only sell Maine wild-caught lobsters cooked and prepared following our proprietary methods that were perfected in 1982. That method 100% guarantees and ensures freshness, texture, and flavor that has stood the test of time.

Fresh, Sustainable Seafood

The locally-owned, multi-generational family business grew up. It came of age on Maine’s coastal waters and is part of the greater Maine lobster industry that supports sustainable seafood practices.

We see ourselves as guardians of the sea in that we help sustain Maine’s fishing communities. We’re part of Maine’s thriving ocean ecosystem that honors the age-old lobster harvesting method. Though part of an immense, global supply chain, Maine lobsters are still caught in traps, one lobster at a time.

Lobster caught and prepared in Maine and sold to wholesalers and fine dining establishments ensures our seafood is always fresh. You can taste the difference. There are no preservatives or additives, and it’s one of the main reasons we provide a better product.

Why Maine Lobster?

The North Atlantic lobster, commonly called Maine lobster, is regarded by many as the best-tasting lobster in the world. The northern Atlantic is the perfect natural environment for lobsters to thrive in. The clean, frigid waters not only slow the growth rate of lobsters but prevent the salt water from permeating the meat. That combination produces the most tender, succulent meat of any species of lobster. The icy waters provide a luxurious, rich texture and a firmer, noticeably sweeter-tasting lobster. It’s why four out of every five lobsters served in restaurants throughout the United States are harvested from the coast of Maine.

Chefs, restaurateurs, and food purchasers seeking high-quality fresh Maine lobster meat must shop no further than at Klenda Seafood. Our lobsters are sourced here in Maine and then hand-picked for freshness. We locate and harvest the very best Maine’s coast offers–consistently and in the sizes and quantities our customers need. Each lobster we process is evaluated for its freshness by hand—as fresh as if you had caught in Maine and prepared them yourself.

Our prepared fresh lobster meat is perfect for any lobster recipe. It is always fresh, never frozen. We cook them immediately upon delivery from the lobster boats. This ensures you receive the highest quality, freshest, and most savory, sweet-tasting lobster meat on the market.

We understand that different sections of the lobster are prepared for different dishes. Our lobster meat, with big claws and knuckles, is drawn from the tail. The tail has approximately half the meat found in a Maine lobster. It’s firmer than the claws and better suited for deep frying entrees. The meat found in the big claws and the knuckles, its arm-like appendages that attach the big claws to the main body, is much more tender. Those big claws account for nearly half the lobster’s weight and have a moist, sweet flavor perfect for lobster rolls and salads.

Fresh Lobster, Ocean to Plate

Knowing seafood is bred in the bone at Klenda. Our hand-picked lobster meat is cooked and prepared to perfection. Succulent and delicious, we serve up the best Maine lobster guaranteed to impress your customers, friends, and family!

Order FRESH live lobsters or fresh-picked meat online for delivery directly to your door! We also offer curbside pick-up at our South Portland location if you live locally – call for details and to place your order over the phone! Feel free to contact us— we would happily answer any of your questions.