Live Lobsters Delivered Straight to Your Door- Now What?

cooking lobster at home

Klenda Seafood has recently opened its Online Market and is now taking orders to deliver fresh, sustainably harvested Maine lobster and other seafood from the Gulf of Maine. Customers can buy live lobster or delicious hand-picked lobster meat directly online for express shipping to their door. Orders are shipped via 24hr express shipping through Fed-Ex or UPS or by air cargo shipping FOB out of Boston Logan International Airport through Southwest Airlines. Local customers can still place orders for curbside pick up or have it delivered to their home, business, or office.

Ordering Live Lobsters: What Can You Expect?

Though Klenda Seafood has always had shipping available for its customers, our online ordering offers a more streamlined process for easy access. You can expect the best from us—in the quality of service and quality of seafood. Maine has one of the best managed and maintained fisheries in the world, and we follow the sustainability and traceability practices that Maine has established to provide our customers with a responsibly harvested product.

How to keep lobsters alive once they are home (before you cook them)?

If you plan to wait for one to two days or two before preparing them, you can keep the lobsters alive by placing them in your refrigerator. They must be kept cool and covered. Do not place them in any fresh or “homemade” saltwater; it will kill them. Simply clear out a vegetable drawer or place them in a pot with a slightly ajar lid for air circulation and maintain moisture. Under these conditions, your fresh, live lobsters will keep in the refrigerator for a day or two. If any lobster ordered should have died in transit for some reason, do not cook them and contact Klenda.

How to Cook a Lobster

There are a handful of ways to cook a lobster—steamed, boiled, baked, or grilled—primarily. The more common method is to steam or boil them. The ratio of lobster to the pot, their weight, and length of time steamed or boiled all factor into cooking them. You can learn how to do that here

With a little extra effort, lobsters can also be baked or grilled. Prep for baking and grilling lobster are similar. Each method requires parboiling the lobsters for 3-5 minutes and then plunging them in cold water for several minutes to stop further cooking. For baking, cut the lobster lengthwise, place it on a sheet, baste with a little olive oil, and bake at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes. Learn how to grill your lobster here!

How to De-shell a Lobster

De-shelling a lobster is not as difficult as it may first appear. Like any job, having the right tools on hand and knowing what to do with them will make all the difference. For lobster, a metal cracker to split the shell and a fork or a metal pick to pull the meat out are all that is needed. Once the lobster has cooled enough to handle, separate the parts from the body and begin to de-shell in segments. Learn about the art of de-shelling here!

Hard Shell or Soft Shell?

The hardness of a lobster’s shell depends entirely on the time of year, as it relates to when the lobster molts, which is during the springtime and early summer. By midsummer, an oversized soft shell has formed for the lobster to grow into. That shell will gradually harden in the coming months for winter. Learn more about the variation between hard shell and soft shell here!

When it comes to ordering live Maine lobster, the thickness of the lobster’s shell may be a consideration. Hard shell lobsters do travel better than soft shell ones. Though soft shell lobsters can certainly be shipped, they are more vulnerable once removed from their environment because of the newly formed exoskeleton. Whether hard shell or soft shell, you can order live lobsters or fresh-picked meat online anytime for delivery directly to your door.