Now You Can Order Maine Lobster Online!

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Klenda Seafood is pleased to announce the opening of its Online Market. Now, placing orders for fresh Maine lobster and other sustainably harvested seafood from the Gulf of Maine has never been easier. People will be able to buy live lobster or delicious and hand-picked lobster meat from the site and have it shipped directly to their door, or locals can pick up their orders curbside or simply have it delivered to their home, business, or office. 

Though Klenda Seafood has always had shipping available for its customers, the access to online ordering offers a new, more streamlined process that allows easy access directly from the site! As always, we are committed to ensuring the integrity of every shipment out the door, using industry-leading packaging and humane shipping practices.

  • Customers can choose from direct 24hr express shipping via Fed-Ex or UPS;
  • air cargo shipping FOB out of Boston Logan International Airport through Southwest Airlines;
  • and curbside pickup or FREE OF CHARGE deliveries for all of our local Maine customers. 

When ordering from Klenda Seafood, you will receive fresh lobster meat from wild-caught lobsters harvested off the Gulf of Maine coast. Though we are part of an immense global supply chain, each Maine lobster we deliver to you has been caught in traps, one lobster at a time. Each one is hand-picked to ensure more high-quality lobster meat per pound.  

We cook our meat to perfection daily with our unique proprietary method that maintains Maine lobster’s sweet flavor. Combined with our streamlined ordering, we 100% guarantee the freshness and flavor of every lobster we deliver to your door. 

We are committed to supporting responsible, sustainable seafood practices. From the cold waters of the Gulf of Maine to your door, we pride ourselves on delivering the freshest locally sourced seafood for your dining pleasure.

Order FRESH live lobsters or fresh-picked meat online for delivery directly to your door or feel free to contact us— we would be happy to answer any of your questions.