Gulf of Maine Haddock

Klenda Seafood buyers have years of expert experience sourcing the best local catch and the finest fish from around the globe. Whether its wild-caught off the coast of Nova Scotia, from the warm waters of Spain, organically farm-raised in the cold waters of the North Sea of Scotland, or locally sourced here in Maine and New England, the product is always of the highest quality. 

Responsibly Caught, Raised, and Sourced

We offer a variety of species, from haddock to swordfish, monkfish to halibut. Whether you’re looking for wild-caught Maine seafood or imported responsibly farm-raised products, allow us to source your prime fillets, H&G, and whole fish today.

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Our rates are competitive and our products are a cut above the rest. Call or email us for our current prices or wholesale rates to place your order today.

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Klenda seafood uses industry-leading packaging to ensure the integrity of each shipment.