Pros and Cons of Fresh Lobster vs Frozen

fresh lobster meat

In some circles in Maine, weighing the pros and cons of fresh lobster vs. frozen lobster is a subject not taken lightly. Chefs, restaurateurs, distributors, and aficionados will likely offer several reasons one is favored over the other. It may be a matter of price or preference, convenience or necessity, or a combination. 

Perhaps the one thing all parties would agree on first is the source—wild-caught Maine lobster is the highest quality of the species and second to none in taste. They would also agree that Maine has one of the best-managed and maintained fisheries in the world. The lobster fishery consists of independent harvesters that follow sustainable and traceable practices. For anyone ordering Maine lobster, you can rest assured that it was responsibly harvested and that the lobster is fresh.

Fresh Maine Lobster: Pros

Fresh Maine lobster is prized for its succulent, sweet, and salty flavor. Trapped in the clear, cold waters of the Gulf of Maine, the dynamic marine environment nourishes a biologically productive and diverse ecosystem that allows Maine lobsters to thrive there. The Gulf’s frigid waters are essential for giving Maine lobster its unique flavor. The cold water not only slows the growth rate of the lobsters but also prevents salt water from permeating the meat, rendering it firm and tender with a luxurious texture and unmatched succulence.

Certainly, few would argue that fresh lobster is considered of higher quality than frozen lobster. Fresh lobster is also highly accessible. In today’s marketplace,, anyone can experience the taste of fresh, wild-caught Maine lobster hauled out of the Gulf the day before. Fresh lobster can be enjoyed anytime because it can be shipped anywhere within 24 hours. Unlike lobster shipped or sold frozen, fresh lobster does not undergo any “value-added” processing. Fresh lobster is not altered or preserved in any way. 

Frozen Lobster: Pros (and Cons)

Frozen lobster indeed offers a level of convenience, cost savings, and choice over fresh lobster. For the most part, frozen lobster retains much of the flavor of fresh lobster. For distributors and national chains, shipping frozen lobster makes it much easier for markets and people to access Maine lobster worldwide. Another plus is that frozen lobster can be purchased and shipped in bulk to save on costs. 

Some lobster processing plants can prepare and freeze hundreds of thousands of pounds of lobster meat daily. Lobster can be frozen with nitrogen or carbon dioxide gases or through immersion methods in super cold brine or by flash freezing them. Using cryogenic freezing processes, sugar-based compounds are injected to preserve color and texture, and antioxidants are added to protect the flavor.

On the other hand, lobster trapped in Maine and sold fresh has no preservatives or additives, and it’s one of the prime reasons it is a better product. The fresh lobsters sold at Klenda Seafood are hand-picked for freshness right off the boat and prepared for shipping. The lobster our customers receive is as fresh as if they had caught it in Maine and prepared it themselves. It is selected immediately upon delivery from the lobster boats and prepared for shipping. This ensures you receive the highest quality, freshest, and most savory-tasting lobster meat on the market. 

Order Fresh Maine Lobster from Klenda Seafood

Ordering fresh lobster has never been more convenient. Fresh live lobsters or freshly picked lobster meat can be easily ordered online for direct delivery to your door. Klenda Seafood uses industry-leading packaging and humane shipping practices when ordering live lobster. Every package of live and fresh products Klenda ships are packed with non-toxic gel packs.

Though there may be pros and cons in the debate between fresh lobster vs. frozen lobster, given the choice, going with fresh lobster brings you one step closer to the Maine experience any time of the year. And if you can’t always make it down east, you can always bring a taste of down east when ordering fresh lobster from Klenda Seafood! To buy live lobster from Portland, Maine, order from Klenda Seafood and get it shipped directly to your door. We also offer curbside pick-up at our South Portland location if you live locally – call for details and to place your order over the phone!