Finding the Best Maine Lobster Delivery

maine lobster delivery

Finding the best Maine lobster delivery is a sure way to get a taste of Maine any time of the year. Thanks to the internet, anyone can order a fresh Maine lobster from anywhere in the country one day and enjoy it the next. It’s that easy. The key to finding Maine’s best lobster delivery, however, is in choosing Maine’s best online lobster delivery company. 

Ease of service and the company’s reputation are paramount. For you, the consumer, it should be a seamless interaction—visit a lobster company’s website, select what you want, and place the order. You should be able to easily select any combination of live, fresh lobster (or seafood), choose a delivery date, click the order button, and receive the order on the day specified. What happens on the receiving end of that order separates one lobster delivery company from the best lobster delivery company. 

How the Lobster Industry Plays a Role in Quality Products and Delivery Services

Seamless delivery of genuine, wild-caught Maine lobster to your doorstep is the culmination of years of dedication and experience combined with intricate industry knowledge. In other words, the company’s reputation is on the line with every online order. The lobster trade is exceptionally complex. It takes time to perfect the methods and nurture and build relationships with local lobster fishermen to ensure the lobster you have delivered to your door is fresh from the Gulf of Maine. 

The Maine lobster industry is composed of independent small business owners that long ago committed to stewardship of the marine environment to maintain a healthy lobster population. The Maine lobster industry is a collaborative effort in many ways. No corporate fleets of vessels are dragging the ocean floor, and each lobster is still caught in traps one at a time. Sustainability and conservation are practiced as it was over a century ago. 

What Makes for the Best Lobster Delivery Services?

In Maine, the best lobster delivery services are those companies that practice sustainable lobster sourcing and traceability. Sustainability protects habitats and prevents overfishing. A healthy lobster population is maintained at certain levels to allow the species to reproduce faster than the harvest. Maine’s progressive conservation laws limit the trap size and size of lobsters trapped to protect breeding populations. Sustainability and traceability also allow you, the consumer, to know the source—from the catch and haul at sea to your door. 

Klenda Seafood is a family-owned lobster company that sources our seafood directly from fishermen and diggers we know and trust. We buy and inspect wild-caught Maine lobsters directly from Maine fishermen at the dock. Lobsters are kept at cool temperatures in holding tanks filled with fresh ocean water to ensure they arrive healthy. When you place an order with us, your lobster is hand-selected to make sure it is fresh and to make certain it is of the highest quality. 

Our unique system lets us ship the freshest, wild-caught, and sustainably harvested lobster from the Gulf of Maine’s icy waters directly to you. We only ship our customers the highest quality Maine lobster, live or prepared lobster tails, claws, and meat. Our industry-leading packing methods ensure the integrity of each shipment, and we strictly observe humane shipping practices. Every package of live or fresh lobster products is packed with non-toxic gel packs.

Shop Fresh Lobsters at Klenda Seafood

As a family-owned business, Klenda Seafood takes pride in the quality of our product and the integrity of each shipment. It is the reason our Maine lobster delivery service is the best. You can order fresh, wild-caught live lobsters or fresh-picked meat online anytime. We never use additives or preservatives, and our proprietary methods provide the most actual picked lobster meat per pound with no extra water. We are committed to providing every customer with high-quality, sustainably, and responsibly sourced lobster. From ocean to plate, we deliver!