The Advantages of Buying Lobster Wholesale

lobster wholesale

Buying lobster wholesale refers to businesses that routinely purchase lobster in volume at a discount to sell it at a higher price to their customers. The practice is common and advantageous for all parties involved—lobster companies, restaurants, vendors, chefs, and food buyers—because it not only allows buying and selling lobster at economies of scale but ensures a high-quality supply lobster is consistently available. Buying lobster wholesale from Klenda Seafood offers several advantages for restaurateurs and food buyers, from freshness and high quality to the ease and convenience of placing orders online for quick delivery. Here’s what we offer:


It’s worth mentioning or reminding chefs, restaurants, importers, and food buyers why wild-caught, fresh Maine lobster from the cold, clear, pollution-free waters of the Gulf of Maine is considered the best tasting in the world. The Gulf’s unique and dynamic marine environment provides the perfect conditions for lobsters to thrive in. The cold water not only slows the growth rate of lobsters but prevents saltwater from permeating the meat. The combined effect leaves the meat tender yet with a firm, luxurious texture and succulent taste.

The alternative to purchasing fresh lobster is frozen lobster. Maine processing plants typically use cryogenic freezing processes to prepare frozen lobster for shipping, with blasts of nitrogen or carbon dioxide gases used to quick-freeze the lobster. The practice is intended to retain taste and flavor, as well as preserve the color and texture of the lobster for a period of up to nine months. Additionally, sugar-based compounds are injected into the lobster to help keep the texture, along with antioxidants to protect the flavor.

Opting for frozen lobster is certainly not harmful, but there’s simply no substitute for the delicious taste of fresh Maine lobster. With Klenda, buyers are assured of higher quality meat when purchasing fresh lobster because the meat has not been altered or preserved in any way.

Quality Ensured

Fresh lobster is key to ensuring only the highest quality lobster is shipped. Though, freshness and quality go hand-in-hand, freshness is not the only criterion for quality. How lobster is acquired is also instrumental in ensuring its quality. At Klenda, our lobsters are sustainably sourced directly from local fishermen with whom we’ve established relationships for years. Upon landing, we hand-select and procure each lobster on the docks, where they are immediately placed in our nearby holding tanks that are always brimming with fresh ocean water. In this way, restaurants, food buyers or customers, are assured that the lobster they purchase is of the highest quality.

Save Money

From a practical standpoint, as lobster companies sell lobsters, the more they sell, the better it is for business. That is why, in most instances, companies typically set the price of lobster based on economies of scale for retail and wholesale customers. The restaurateurs and chefs, or the food buyers who work for them, know that buying lobster directly from a lobster company can lead to significant savings. Lobster companies benefit from having an established, regular clientele who buy in volume, and restaurants benefit by having a reliable source of high-quality lobsters at a better price. Klenda has perfected the process of hand-picking the best, high-quality lobster and lobster meat, selling directly to chefs and customers looking for the best product at the best price on the market.

Streamlined Buying Process

Freshness, high quality, and cost savings offer clear advantages to buying lobster wholesale. However, one of the leading advantages for chefs and restaurateurs is the ease and convenience of simplifying their inventory by purchasing lobster online. Klenda has streamlined the ordering process for its customers, allowing them to easily make wholesale purchases with the click of a button. Once your account has been set up, users add the quantity to their cart to get the most current shipping prices and then process the order for quick and prompt delivery. For added convenience, Klenda’s wide variety of fresh seafood means one-stop shopping for restaurants and food buyers rather than sourcing multiple vendors for their products. This can save time and money, and help ensure a consistent supply of high-quality seafood is readily available.

Klenda Seafood is one of Maine’s premier wholesale lobster and seafood companies. We have been building relationships with local chefs, restaurants, vendors, and food buyers since 1982. Our business continues to thrive with a steadfast commitment to marine sustainability and traceability. We offer handpicked-to-order lobster wholesale or direct to the consumer. For more information, contact our team at Klenda Seafood today.