Where to Buy Lobster: Comparing Delivery vs. In-Store Options

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Knowing where to buy lobster in Maine, whether in-store or by delivery, is, for many people, as much a choice as it is an option. Meaning, in large part, that choice will depend on where you live. And if that happens to be in Maine, you can buy Maine lobster in person or deliver it. If, however, you do not live in or near Maine, you still have the option to buy and enjoy a fresh Maine lobster anytime and anywhere. You can purchase that lobster in-store, too, if you choose, and anyone can order online anytime. Whatever you choose, here’s a brief comparison between delivery and in-store options for buying Maine lobster:  

What to Know About In-Store Options When Buying Lobster

In a perfect world, the best place to buy Maine lobster would be at a lobster pound, seafood market, or directly off the boat from a fisherman. These options are available to anyone living in Maine or the Northeast. Lobster pounds are all along the New England coast. There are plenty of seafood markets, as well. Regional grocery stores get live lobster regularly, where they are kept in large tanks for shoppers to choose from. 

If you happen to live in Denver, Omaha, or Miami, say, your best in-store option for buying Maine lobster is at a dedicated seafood market or at a grocery store that advertises Maine lobster. Remember that for in-store options when buying lobster outside of Maine and the northeast, you factor in freshness, price, and availability, among other considerations, in your decision-making. For example, the live lobsters in your local grocery store tank may not be that fresh. You can tell the fresh ones from the ones that have been in holding tanks for a while by antennae size. Lobsters in holding tanks for some time tend to nibble at each other’s antennae right down to the base. Always look for lobsters with long antennae when buying them from holding tanks. 

Price can vary in-store, too, as can availability. Price and availability are related to the time of year. Maine lobsters sold in Denver grocery stores, for example, are hard-shell lobsters, which are trapped in late fall and over the winter months. Maine soft-shell lobsters are too delicate to ship alive anywhere, anytime, and, as it is, are only available in the summer and early fall. If your local seafood market or grocery store doesn’t sell live lobster, or if you prefer soft-shell lobster, you can order fresh live lobster or freshly prepared lobster online directly from lobster companies.

What to Know About Delivery Options When Buying Lobster

Few would disagree that ordering products online became second nature during the pandemic, and over a quarter of all grocery shopping is online. Unsurprisingly, the idea of buying Maine lobster online caught on, too, which was a welcome option for many. Online shopping apps allow consumers to easily place online orders from Maine lobster pounds and seafood markets at any time of day that works for them.  Compared to in-store purchases, lobster delivery is the way to go regarding freshness and availability. 

The wild-caught Maine lobster purchased online for delivery is sustainably, responsibly harvested, and guaranteed fresh. After landing, these lobsters are bought directly from the boats and hand-selected to ensure freshness and the highest quality. People can buy live lobster or freshly prepared lobster meat from the source to have it shipped directly to their door or delivered to their home, business, or office. 

Klenda Seafood’s Online Market app allows consumers to easily purchase fresh Maine lobster and other sustainably harvested seafood sourced directly from the Gulf of Maine. Live lobster can be shipped when available, and freshly prepared lobster tails, claws, and meat can be shipped year-round. Klenda’s unique proprietary method for cooking lobster meat to perfection daily 100% guarantee the freshness and flavor of every lobster delivered.  

To be certain, whether buying lobster for delivery or purchasing it in-store, the price of lobster fluctuates. That’s because, as a wild resource, the law of supply and demand constantly affects the market price. That said, the price of lobster, be it whole or by the pound, in-store or via delivery, will depend on where it’s purchased from, the amount, how it’s processed, if it’s fresh or frozen, the time of year, and market conditions. Online lobster prices, on average, will reflect current market prices more accurately. Generally, the further a grocery store is from Maine, the more you will have to pay for a lobster in-store.  

In weighing the options between buying lobster in-store or having it delivered, order the best lobster available, which is the freshest available, and that would be online. Delivery of Maine lobster by Klenda Seafood is guaranteed fresh. Unless you trap it in Maine, you cannot get fresher lobster delivered to your door. When you order live lobster online from Klenda, you can expect it to arrive alive directly at your door and ready for cooking within 24 hours. Shop our selection of lobster here. We also offer curbside pick-up at our South Portland location if you live locally – call for details and to place your order over the phone!